Granite Countertop Installation in Rochester NY


Natural granite countertops are a beautiful, practical addition to any home. This stone of quartz and feldspar provides a useful, decorative surface which is ideal for kitchens, bathrooms and for outdoor spaces, and the variety of unique colors and natural patterns make it a unique element of your home decor. As a durable surface, it is heat, scratch and stain resistant, and it requires very little maintenance. If you are looking for granite countertop installation in Rochester, NY, North American Stone has you covered with a wide variety of choices. Before you make your decision, here is a little background information on granite and reasons why granite is such a popular choice in homes in the Rochester, NY area and beyond.

Source and Content of Granite

It all begins in rock-mining quarries, and this type of stone can be found in much of the world. Most slabs for residential countertops are sourced from Brazil, India and Italy. It contains feldspar, quartz, mica, biotite and muscovite, which give it a multicolored look that can include areas of sparkle. When mined, the stone is cut into slabs and is honed and polished to the desired shape and finish. Although it is an imported natural material, it is a stone that is in abundant supply which makes the cost of it very affordable. It is very strong and has been used as a building material throughout history.

Granite's Size and Weight

Stone countertops are typically one to three inches in thickness, and a thinner slab will require a substrate that provides support. Depending on the thickness, the stone can weigh between 10 and 20 pounds per square foot. A large slab of stone can be very heavy, requiring several strong professional installers to lift it into place.

Installation Process of Granite

Stone slabs are cut to size, polished on the outer edge, and are custom cut to fit the design of your kitchen, including a hole for the sink or other recessed elements. Stone slabs can often be designed to fit an existing kitchen, and depending on the decor, many elements such as the existing sink and backsplash can possibly be retained. The slab is leveled with shims, and it is attached to the cabinetry with adhesives that will solidly keep it in place. Installed in sections and with a large or complex countertop, the installation of slab countertops will result in some seams. A good installation will make these seams very inconspicuous.

Sealing and Cleaning of Granite

Once installed, your granite countertop will require a penetrating sealant which needs to be reapplied every few years. This will prevent liquids from soaking into the stone and causing stains, ensuring that your countertops will maintain their beautiful color and new appearance. Beyond occasional sealing, granite countertops require nothing more than cleaning with a mild soap and water.

Durability of Granite

Your new granite kitchen countertop will be somewhat resistant to heat, however, we recommend that you protect your granite countertops from heat to prolong their life and ensure they don't get damaged. Knives will not scratch your new countertop, so you can cut vegetables or other items directly on the surface of the stone. Diamond blades can scratch or cut your countertop, but this is the only type of tool you’ll need to avoid.

Practical Value and Beauty of Granite

Granite is a popular choice for countertops. North American Stone is able to handle all of your countertop installation needs in Rochester, NY and surrounding areas. Your choice of this durable, beautiful stone for your kitchen, bathroom or outdoor countertops will add value to your home and a unique, colorful style to your decor.

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