Rochester Countertops

rochester countertopsStone is very popular right now for all your countertop needs and it's quickly becoming the norm in kitchen and bath design. The amazing thing about stone countertops, is you can choose from many types of stone to customize your wants and needs. What’s your favorite trend? Granite is always popular and high on a homeowner’s wish list for a new home or an existing kitchen and/or bath remodel. Quartz countertops are beautiful also and can be used wherever you wish -- kitchen and bathrooms.

Another trend in bathrooms that won't be ending anytime soon is creating a spa-like or five-star hotel luxury bathroom. Imagine gorgeous quartz countertops on a dual vanity with a specialty stone floor. It’s a high-end indulgence that will make the whole room feel like an escape.

Rochester Quartz Countertops

Quartz is an engineered stone made by grinding the mined quartz and mixing the result with resins and pigments for color. The finished product is stain and scratch-resistant, and unlike granite, engineered quartz is nonporous. It never needs to be sealed, so your kitchen and bath countertops are virtually maintenance free. In the past, these countertops lacked the visual appeal of granite; however, recent advances in the engineering process add more depth and pizzazz, so that the finished product is comparable to the look of granite. Today’s quartz even comes in different textures versus only the smooth polished look and feel of previous offerings.  North American Stone offers the most Rochester countertop options in stock, so you can view and choose your quartz countertops often in one trip.

Rochester Granite Countertops

A lot of the granite used for countertops comes from other countries including Brazil, Spain, China, and India. Granite is hard, durable, heat and scratch resistant, but also offers many beautiful colors and patterns. There are both pre-cut and virgin slabs to choose from. North American Stone offers an extensive array of granite in-stock for you to choose from. Besides color and pattern, for the finished product homeowners can choose from flat, beveled, or curved edges.

While granite countertops have the advantage of a wide array of patterns and colors, and it is stunningly beautiful, stone also has the advantage over other materials in that it will last for centuries and is very durable. In fact, even if a granite countertop were to become chipped or damaged in any way they can be fixed, but it is easy to prevent damage.

Rochester Countertops

North American Stone is an ideal place to find countertops in Rochester, NY. When choosing a contractor it is important that you can trust the installation employees in your home and the quality of the work done by said company. Get a few quotes to narrow the field to two or three companies. Once you have done that, narrow the field further by looking for customer’s testimonies and reviews, asking friends and family for references, and contacting each company in person or by phone. Much can be learned from a simple phone call. How does the staff greet your call? If the person answering the phones is polite or rude that is a good measuring rod for the rest of the company.

Rochester Granite Countertops Installation Pros

Although installing countertops can be DIY, most installations, depending on materials such as granite or other stone, and difficulty prepping, such as custom cuts, make hiring a professional contractor to install stone countertops in many or even most jobs, the best choice.

For granite countertops in Rochester, look to North American Stone for professional and experienced countertop installers who will make your installation the best experience it can be. The final gorgeous results will be worth your time and money.

Adding high-end countertops in your kitchen and bath will definitely increase your home’s resale value. Experts agree that money spent on kitchens and baths will return immediate equity when properly executed. Stone countertops are a great option for your kitchen and bath design or remodel.


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